Registering Texas Voters During a Pandemic

This year we had plans to register thousands of young Texans to vote in the most critical elections in our lifetime. We have paused our in-person voter registration campaign in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but Texas doesn’t have a plan for online voter registration so we are creating solutions to keep you registered. 

Update and Check Your Registration

Follow the REGISTER TO VOTE button in our menu and enter your information. If you’re registration is up to date, congrats!

Need to update your registration? Follow the prompt and we’ll mail you the forms you need to send to the Secretary of State to update your registration!


  • you must be registered to vote one month before election day
  • you must update your voter registration if you move from your current address

The rising generation is online, so we are joining virtual classrooms and community meetings to provide info and resources to walk Texans through the voter registration process, as well as doing phone and text banking outreach to get Texans registered. 

Once you’ve registered to vote, take the next step with other ways to get involved.

  • Pledge to Count in the 2020 Census and we’ll send you a free sticker! Then head to and complete the count.
  • Help us get the word out! Volunteer for a digital outreach phone or textbank to talk to Texans about census and voter registration.
  • Sign our petition for #onlineVRnow!