Building Youth Power

Our Mission

We are the young people of Texas. We are building a powerful movement that honors young people — especially young people of color. We are creating a more inclusive state and promoting equality and social justice for all Texans by organizing, advocating, voting and training future leaders.

The Issues

What's At Stake

Repro Rights, Health, and Justice

We believe all Texans should have the right to make their own reproductive health care decisions, including whether or not to have an abortion, without shame, stigma, or interference by politicians.

LGBTQIA+ Equality

We believe in equality for all Texans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Voting Rights

We believe the freedom to vote is a fundamental right, and we must resist efforts to suppress and discourage voter participation.

Criminal Justice Reform

We believe in ending mass incarceration, eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline, and creating a more humane criminal justice system.


We believe all who live in Texas, regardless of immigration status, should have access to a safe, healthy, and dignified life. We advocate for the safety, inclusion, and freedom of our immigrant community.

Climate Justice

We believe bold action on the climate crisis is critical and urgent. Our changing climate has a greater impact on some of our most vulnerable communities, and it is by recognizing and addressing this inequity that we can effectively respond to the climate emergency.

Our Students

Why we do it