About Us

We are the rising generation.

We are young. We are diverse. We are building a movement for equality and social justice in Texas.

Texas Rising – a project of the Texas Freedom Network – is building the power of young people in our communities and at the ballot box. Our program organizes and builds power with young people of color in a multi-issue, intersectional social justice framework.

We focus on:

  • Voter registration and turnout of young Texans
  • Organizing on college campuses
  • Youth leadership development and trainings
  • Grassroots and digital organizing
  • Issue advocacy
Why It Matters

Texans under age 30 now make up 43 percent of the state’s population. Soon we will make up a third of eligible voters in Texas. When we get active and express our power at the voting booth, the politics of this state will change forever.

Campus Organizing

Texas Rising currently has a presence on more than 20 college and university campuses across the state. We are active in every major metropolitan center in the state and in the fastest growing areas for under-represented communities of color.

Meet the Team

Val Benavidez
TFN President
Rae Martinez
Senior Director
Ofelia Alonso
Senior Statewide Program Manager
Lexy Garcia
Senior Regional Program Manager (San Antonio, San Marcos)
Josh Gonzalez
Digital and Communications Strategist
Corisha Rogers
Regional Program Manager (Houston)
Ivonne Diaz
Senior Regional Program Coordinator (El Paso)
Jasmine Tellez
Senior Regional Program Coordinator (Houston)
Dania Hindi
Senior Regional Program Coordinator (Dallas-Fort Worth)
Stephanie Dominguez
Senior Regional Program Coordinator (Rio Grande Valley)
Alex Flucke
Regional Program Coordinator (Corpus Christi)
Mel Leblanc
Regional Program Coordinator (Central Texas)