TXRA proudly endorses José Garza for Travis County DA and Alexsandra Annello for HD 77. Pol. adv. paid for by Texas Freedom Network.

Our Vote. Our Time. Our Texas.

In the March 5 primary election, Texans will narrow down candidates for various federal, state, and local offices — federal and state legislators, State Board of Education (SBOE) members, justices, judges, district attorneys, sheriffs, and more. Voter turnout for primary elections in Texas is historically low, but we have the power to change that. By voting in the primary, you can ensure the candidates that reflect your values are on the ballot in the November election.

Vote for candidates who will fight for our futures! Our members at Texas Rising Action interviewed candidates to find out who will champion our progressive values and protect our freedoms. We’re sharing who you should vote for in this primary election.

Last Day to Apply to Vote by Mail: Feb. 23
Early Voting: Feb. 20 – March 1
Election Day: March 5

Pol. adv. paid for by Texas Freedom Network

Endorsement for Texas House

Alexsandra Annello is a proven champion for our El Paso community. Annello has served the past six years as a city council member, improving streets and parks, creating mental health initiatives, and focusing on public safety strategies. She has the skills necessary to fight for El Paso in the state legislature.

Public Education

Annello will fight to protect our public education system, not defund it. She’ll work to increase the state budget for public schools, pay our teachers a fair wage, and make sure our students have the resources they need to succeed.

Healthcare Access

While in City Council, Annello passed resolutions to protect families seeking access to gender-affirming care and those in need of a safe abortion. As State Representative, she’ll advocate for our right to make our own healthcare choices.

Border Communities

Annello believes in community input to guide her actions. For years, state leaders have spoken about the border without investing in it. Annello will support local colleges and universities to fill the skills gap in healthcare, manufacturing, and technology while keeping residents in El Paso.

Endorsement for District Attorney

José Garza represents what it means to be a progressive leader in Texas. As our District Attorney, he’s led reforms to our criminal justice system through gun violence prevention, transparency, and data-driven policies while building power with communities of color, working families, and immigrant communities.

Justice for Survivors 

Garza has focused on prosecutions of sex crimes and domestic violence, doubled the conviction rate for family violence crimes, and invested in trauma-informed care and other resources for survivors.

Public Safety

Garza has increased the conviction rate for all acts of violence by 53%, focusing on violent crime and other offenses that pose a risk to our communities regardless of someone’s wealth, race, or place of residence.  


Garza is not afraid of far-right state leaders like Abbott and Paxton. He pushed back when Republicans sought to wrongfully accuse transgender–affirming parents of child abuse and spoke up when Abbott wanted to pardon a Fort Hood soldier convicted of killing a protestor. 

Pol. adv. paid for by Texas Freedom Network