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Early Voting: April 22-30
Election Day: May 4

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About the Port of Brownsville Commissioner Election

The Port of Brownsville is one of the largest shipping ports in the United States. It is responsible for more than 51,000 jobs and $3 billion in annual state economic activity, with more than 8,500 Rio Grande Valley workers directly employed by the port’s activities. The Port of Brownsville Commissioners have voting power over how the land along the shipping port is used.

Right now, Texas Rising and climate justice organizers in South Texas are working to stop two proposed liquified natural gas (LNG) projects that seek to build gas pipelines and export terminals that will harm ancestral indigenous lands, exacerbate the climate crisis, and jeopardize the community’s health and safety for profit.

This election, we’re putting our voting power behind candidates who will put people over profit and believe the health and safety of our families and future generations matter more than the oil and gas industry’s greed. Each of our endorsed candidates will champion initiatives that build sustainable, renewable infrastructure to address climate change and attract clean energy jobs.

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Your vote is your power. Use it!

Your vote could be the difference between putting people in power who will ignore the climate crisis and put profit over people and electing progressives who will protect our community from climate injustice and attract clean energy jobs to Brownsville.

Pol. adv. paid for by Texas Freedom Network