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about the rise2action

We’re bringing you key information about what’s at stake when it comes to progressive issues that we all need to act on. Whether we are defending our LGBTQ fam against another discrimination bill or advocating for more voting locations on college campuses, we promise to keep you informed with just what you need to know about #txlege. 

Texans deserve information about what’s actually happening at TX Lege – and a way to take action. 

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about the Texas Legislature (#txlege)

It’s clear that state leadership at #txlege is failing Texans. (See “Texas power crisis” and “ending mask mandates in a pandemic.”) These “leaders” are doing everything they can to keep us from advocating safely, which is why we are doing everything we can to organize young Texans and provide the key information that y’all need to know what’s happening and when and how to take action.

Civics, Y’all: TX Lege Resources

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