President Trump, please let us grieve — you have no place here

By: Texas Rising, El Paso Chapter

The Texas Rising El Paso chapter formally extends its solidarity with Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and local leaders in the El Paso community in condemning President Donald Trump’s upcoming visitation to El Paso, Texas, following the recent El Paso massacre.

Our stance is simple and our conscience is clear.

On May 8, 2019, in Panama City, Florida, during his rally, the president reiterated that migrants at the U.S-Mexico border were intending to “invade” the country. A supporter attending the rally then encouraged border enforcement to just “shoot them” to solve the issue. The president laughed. Less than three months later, whe the assassin in El Paso published his manifesto online, he spoke of the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” The correlation is clear. It has been repeatedly proven by political analysts that the current administration has enabled white supremacy, racism, xenophobia, and extremely hateful propaganda. This same propaganda has in turn only motivated neo-Nazis and domestic terrorists to slaughter innocent people in this country.

The city and the families of the 22 victims are currently grieving and attempting to heal from this tragedy. It is imperative that we unite as a community, protect our most vulnerable and show solidarity with those affected by the violent manifestations of white supremacy. Additionally, we must respect the eight Mexican nationals who died in this tragedy. Mexico and its people grieve with us and we do not welcome a president who has openly insulted them.

Just this past February, the president criticized El Paso for being one of the “most dangerous cities” in the United States, which is a lie. Condemnation of his visit is our only appropriate response now and we urge the El Paso community to show solidarity.

President Trump, please let us grieve — you have no place here.

In solidarity,

Texas Rising – El Paso Chapter