Defunding the Police Texas

We demand justice for Black lives. We invite you to join us in calling for defunding the police and investment in community-based models of safety support and prevention. (credit: @domrobxrts)

Below are resources to learn about the history of policing, what defunding the police means, and how to get involved in the work.


1. Watch our defunding the police video training! You can also check out our presentation.

2. Watch, read, and listen to these resource to educate yourself on anti-racism.

3. Follow and support organizations who are leaders in this work, so you can get involved in their calls to action.

4. Texas Rising chapters are reaching out to Texans to defund the police across the state. Contact a chapter listed below to get involved!

Find your regional Texas Rising point of contact below!

Austin / Central Texas

Ric Galvan

Campus Organizer, Texas Rising at UT Austin

Local Orgs:

El Paso

Sabrina Bustillos

Student Leader, Texas Rising at UT El Paso

Local Orgs:

Dallas / Fort Worth

Landry Rhodes

Campus Organizers

Local Orgs:

Rio Grande Valley

Joe Uvalles

Field Manager, Rio Grande Valley

Local Orgs:

San Antonio / San Marcos

Isabella Briseño

Campus Organizer, San Marcos

Local Orgs: